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    Trip to Umbria

Forest Bathing

FLY- A path dedicated to the rediscovery of lightness, in order to let go of stress and psycho-physical tensions. Accessible all and dedicated to those who want to calm their minds, regenerate deeply and stimulate their creativity. Each island mixes local plants, sensoriality and natural elements together. It is divided into five different positions, as are the senses and elements of nature.

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Truffle Hunting

The Truffle Hunting is a fantastic experience, ideal for those who love nature.

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Your Private Dinner

The perfect evening in the right place

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The Acropolis of Perugia

A visit of the ancient acropolis of Perugia and going thru 30 centuries of history, witnessing the Etruscan period and then the Roman domain; the Renaissance given birth by the transformations of the Middle Age...

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Route du Bonheur

My Route du Bonheur… from Tuscany to Umbria

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