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    Business trip in Umbria

  • Meeting

    Business trip in Umbria

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    Business trip in Umbria

Borgo dei Conti Resort offers, inside his 20 acres, many ideal locations to meet, talk and deal with style and elegance, surrounded by a frame of historical value and served by the best technological innovations on tap for conventions.

- 80 Parterre places
- Desk for 6 speakers with fixed microphone (with multiple LAN sockets)
- Wireless microphone
- RCF Audio Broadcasting
- Platform for speaker
- HD Video Projector and Big Screens
- Control Room
- Autonomous Services (inclusive of Services for Disables)
- Air-Conditioned Room


Many Living Rooms are available at the low ground, each one with striking and elegant setting, up to 9 persons, completely fitted out with the necessary for the event. Captivating style , excellent comfort and great adaptability are the predominant qualities. One of these, in particular, is totally independent from the Borgo, equipped with hall and mezzanine, can be utilized when privacy and secrecy are required.


The oldest hall of the Resort, can be used to house events, in a special location enriched by the old fireplace and the ancient frescos, representing the crest of the noble families friends of the Conti Rossi Scotti, owners of the palace. It can be equipped with the most innovative systems of projection, recording and communication.

VPN Line is a paid service that the Borgo dei Conti provides to its Guests, such as VPN line and printer connected to a personal laptop. The service provides the use of a private VPN line and can be connected through Ethernet port and printing of documents in a reserved space.


Private hall up to 10 places, independent and adjustable according to the requests. Multimedia board, Projector, Big Screen, Full HD 32" TV and WI-FI available. Close to the Conventions Hall, it results ideal as Back Office for meetings and events. Can be used, during the evening, as a Private Lounge, where it is possible to have special private dinner, far from the Main Restaurant.


Placed between the Villa and the Colonica, a few steps away from the Pool and the Bar, it can be utilized for concerts, shows and exhibitions. It can contain 100 spectators, provided with WI-FI and sockets.