Cedri Restaurant

Once a sanctuary for wintering fruit plants, Borgo dei Conti Resort's historic Limonaia has been transformed into a haven housing the open-view Wine Cellar and the gourmet restaurant Cedri. The restaurant's name pays homage to the majestic Lebanese cedar trees that greet guests at the entrance.

Under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Emanuele Mazzella, Cedri offers a culinary experience elevated by its architectural setting, reminiscent of a nest. Here, a harmonious interplay between interiors and nature unfolds, with expansive windows overlooking the al fresco dining area and the Italian garden. The ambiance is both intimate and enchanting, complemented by captivating flooring that echoes Umbrian material culture and contemporary design elements inspired by the surrounding vegetation, encapsulating the essence of Borgo dei Conti Resort.

Infused with hues reminiscent of the 15th-century pictorial tradition, meticulously curated by the Spagnulo & Partners Architecture Studio, Cedri invites guests to embark on a journey of culinary delight. Each dish showcases seasonal ingredients sourced from local producers and the resort's own garden, expertly crafted to deliver a sophisticated taste experience rooted in tradition yet presented with a modern flair.

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