In the lush, centuries-old park surrounding Borgo dei Conti, dating back to the late 1800s, guests can immerse themselves in unforgettable experiences, connecting with nature amidst wellness trails, outdoor cultural activities, and romantic culinary escapades. It is a place where the essence of Umbria unfolds, inviting guests to indulge in the beauty of their surroundings while creating cherished memories.


In the sprawling centuries-old park enveloping the entire estate, extending from the hillsides to the valley entrance, guests can immerse themselves in outdoor activities to reconnect with Nature and rediscover their inner balance.

Experiences 8

Outdoor cinema

A sprawling overlook nestled within Borgo dei Conti's park offers panoramic views of the Umbrian hills and ancient olive groves. Sink into chaise longues and armchairs as you enjoy film screenings under the open sky. This outdoor cinema provides an immersive setting for genuine relaxation, allowing you to gaze up at the bright stars against the deep blue Umbrian sky.

Experiences 9

Romantic dinner

Indulge in a memorable culinary experience within the timeless ambiance of Borgo dei Conti's cottage: Casa della Contessa. This intimate and cozy setting is perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner prepared by a private chef. Savor carefully crafted courses paired with fine local and international wines under a canopy of ancient trees.

Experiences 10

Picnic in the olive grove

Escape to the olive groves of Borgo dei Conti and immerse yourself in the rustic charm of the estate's park. Reconnect with nature as you enjoy a picnic amidst the flavors of Umbria, surrounded by the scents of local vegetation and the colors of the rolling hillsides.

Experiences 11

Cooking class

Experience the rich culinary heritage deeply rooted in Umbrian tradition at Borgo dei Conti Resort, where you can not only savor but also learn the art of regional cuisine. Under the guidance of our chef and culinary team, you will have the chance to create dishes of exceptional flavor, delving into the essence of Umbrian gastronomy.

Experiences 12

Wine Tasting

Indulge in the renowned Umbrian wine tradition at Borgo dei Conti Resort, where you will explore a world of full-bodied reds and amber whites. Our wine tastings offer an opportunity to appreciate the fruity notes, visual allure, and aromatic nuances of Umbrian wines, culminating in a delightful tasting experience that engages all the senses.

Experiences 13

Truffle Hunting

Embark on a truffle hunting adventure to uncover the secrets of this exquisite culinary treasure. Within the estate's ancient park, you will witness the expertise of professional truffle hunters and their remarkable canine companions, whose keen sense of smell leads to the discovery of these prized delicacies. Afterwards, delight in dishes featuring the freshly harvested truffles, savoring their unmatched flavor and aroma.