Outdoor Paths

In the sprawling centuries-old park enveloping the entire estate, extending from the hillsides to the valley entrance, guests can immerse themselves in outdoor activities to reconnect with Nature and rediscover their inner balance. Stroll along the lengthy avenues, wander through the abundant olive grove, and meander through meticulously manicured Italian gardens to rejuvenate the mind and foster creativity.

Within this verdant sanctuary, five distinct stations have been crafted, each designed to engage the senses and connect with Nature:


This station focuses on physical well-being, offering opportunities for bodywork and tactile perception. Guests can relieve tension and enhance their awareness of the ground beneath them while engaging with vertical bamboo drums. The experience concludes with a grounding meditation to promote stability and strength.


A sanctuary for a free mind. Let the gentle chimes of tubular bells and rustling leaves of ancient trees bring peace as you release thoughts and mental burdens. Engage your sense of smell with aromatic plants to alleviate stress, while sound meditation empties the mind.


A realm of magic and enchantment where the soothing sound of water accompanies your journey. Here, you can explore your pleasures and emotions, allowing them to expand and strengthen your emotional center through mindful meditation.


Enter the realm of crystals, where sunlight dances in a spectrum of colors. Let the light frequencies wash over you, soothing your eyes and sharpening your focus on your goals.


Feel the energy pulsating through every corner of the forest, waiting for you to discover your ideal spot. Sit in silence and practice creative meditation, allowing inspiration to flow freely