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Romantic stay in Umbria

Discover Borgo dei Conti, a luxury retreat in enchanting Umbria, where historic charm blends with modern comfort to create the perfect setting for an unforgettable romantic stay.

Nestled in the Umbrian hills, Borgo dei Conti is a testament to the past, with beautifully restored historic buildings creating a unique atmosphere. Each stone tells ancient stories, giving guests a feeling of traveling through time.

Book Borgo dei Conti, resort for a romantic stay in Umbria

The suites at Borgo dei Conti are designed to offer maximum comfort and intimacy. The elegant and romantic spaces are enriched with careful details and refined furnishings, creating a perfect environment for couples looking for a romantic stay.

The Rura del Borgo restaurant, with its refined cuisine, is the ideal place for a romantic candlelit dinner. Fresh and delicious ingredients are expertly prepared to delight the most demanding palates, while guests enjoy a romantic and welcoming atmosphere.

Choose Borgo dei Conti, for a romantic stay in Umbria

Explore the lush gardens of the Borgo together, hand in hand, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. The picturesque paths and green areas offer moments of tranquility and romantic outdoor hangouts.

The Borgo dei Conti wellness center offers relaxing and regenerating treatments designed specifically for couples too. Treat yourself to an experience of pure well-being together with your loved one.

A romantic stay at Borgo dei Conti is a unique experience, in which love blends with the beauty and elegance of Umbria. Discover the treasures of this region together, create lasting memories and enjoy every moment of this romantic escape.

Choose Borgo dei Conti for your romantic stay in Umbria. Book now and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience of love and luxury.

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