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A path dedicated to the rediscovery of lightness, in order to let go of stress and psycho-physical tensions. accessible to all and dedicated to those who want to calm their minds, regenerate deeply and stimulate their creativity. Each island mixes local plants, sensoriality and natural elements together. it is divided into five different positions, as are the senses and elements of nature.

EARTH - island intended for work on the body, for relieving tension, for one's plantar and tactile perception, bringing attention back to physical well-being also thanks to the vertical bamboo drum. the experience ends with grounding meditation, to ensure stability and strength to your body.

WATER - a place of magic and enchantment accompanied by the wonderful sound of water. we explore the properties of flavors and in this way we access our emotions. once fixed, through emotional meditation they can expand and in this they can strengthen their emotional center.

AIR - station of the free mind. with the help of tubular bells and the leaves of ancient trees, you can find peace of mind, letting go of thoughts and mental heaviness. through the aromatic plants, the sense of smell expands and stress is removed thanks to the sound meditation of emptiness.

FIRE - land of crystals, where sunlight is given back in the form of colors. satisfies and calms the sight through the luminous frequencies of which the place has been invested, the sight is satisfied and calmed. with the use of the meditative track of the focus, concentration and focus on objectives is found.

ENERGY- it resides in every corner of the forest, you just need to find your ideal location, where you can hear the full silence of the place. by remaining seated, creative meditation is practiced.


The path accessible from 14 years and for those who want to work out. 
A path to complete in autonomy following the advices in the signs along the path, in order to warm up, to strenthen the muscols, to balance, to relax. the intent of the path is to bring back and keep the human body alive, by intervening on four different spheres.

HEATING AND FLOW body heating and much more. the joints are the part of the body that bears all the load of movements and postures. keeping them vital turns out to be a preventive activity.

STRENGTH  in this place there is a place where to perform activities related to the strength mainly of the so -called postural muscles, which bring stability to the body.

BALANCE AND FOCUS bringing the focus to the body by regaining physical balance helps in everyday life to bring it into the mind and into one's activities.

STRETCHING  AND FLEXIBILITY elongation and stretching of the body creates new space for physical well-being.

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